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When I got home, I sat down and reopened my computer and closely examined my team and the rest of the teams. After examining the competition, I will make trade offers to almost all 10 teams in the league and sometimes multiple.

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Usually they all get denied, because the trades I offer are sometimes outrageous, and some people do not believe in trading before the season starts. No matter the result of the trades, for me making the trades is just one of the many thrills that comes with the start of the fantasy football season. The league consisted of eight different people somehow connected with the Raiders organization. However, fantasy football would not explode until the advent of the Internet. The Internet made fantasy football much more accessible to everyone by providing software and statistics that make it much less time-consuming and more organized than in the pre-online era.

According to Gregory Bresiger of the New York Post , nearly 75 million people will play fantasy football in This number has more than doubled from just 33 million people in Fantasy football is on the rise, and many expect for it to continue to rise at rapid rates.

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One of the reasons why fantasy football is booming is because of how easy it is and how little time and effort are needed. With the NFL regular season only being 17 weeks, and teams only playing 16 games a year, fantasy owners only need to set their lineup once a week for about four months. Compare that to attempting to set a lineup for baseball season, with games, or an NBA season, with With games mainly only occuring on Sunday, this allows the media to build up excitement and analysis throughout the week. Some restaurants are now competing to offer the ultimate draft experience.


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Buffalo Wild Wings is one of those restaurants, and they now offer a draft package for your fantasy league to have the best experience. Also restaurants, especially sports bars, compete to have the most TVs with the most games on each Sunday so that fantasy owners can even follow their players playing games not broadcasted in the local market. Fantasy football has also changed the way people watch football, allowing cable and satellite TV companies to profit on this.

The best example of this is the Redzone channel.

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This channel is a little utopia for fantasy football players. The channel only airs from Before the 1 p. Then after the 1 p. Redzone prides itself on showing every touchdown from every game—the plays that are the most fantasy-relevant. The show then comes to an end by showing a touchdown montage, where it replays each touchdown from the day into one long clip.

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In this past year, there has been a major boom in daily fantasy sports. Daily fantasy football consists of one-week leagues where players can enter in different contests with various amounts of entry fees. If you ever have watched any sporting event this year, you would have likely have seen a commercial during every commercial break for a daily fantasy company.


This is partially because this new industry, according to Inc. However, t he legality of online fantasy sports has come under close examination recently. This short video goes over the basics behind daily fantasy sports and why it is still legal. Daily fantasy sports has been able to get around the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act because, under the law, online daily fantasy sports are considered a game of skill. With the industry being relatively new, there has not been much regulation at all, which has lead to various instances within the industry.

Different states have taken action already against the daily fantasy industry by calling it gambling. We have positional rankings, which will be updated throughout the offseason. It's never to early to think about fantasy football rankings, so we've got you covered. Check back throughout the offseason for updates.

If you are already thinking about the fantasy football season, here are positional and overall rankings to take into consideration. Wrapping up the season with the hits and misses, along with identifying players on the rise and value picks for In this unpredictable fantasy football season, Christian McCaffrey and Patrick Mahomes were two of the most consistently excellent players. Unsurprisingly, they wound up as the players most commonly found on ESPN championship rosters.

As Yates said:. You have to be flexible in the draft room. The best way to maintain an art-versus-science approach is by drafting for value. If there's a guy that falls to you that has no business being there, you should take him.

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Remember that your drafted squad is not the squad you'll finish with. This is the team you will begin the season with — heck, you might even trade players before Week 1 of the regular season. I'm OK with starting with three running backs. It's unlikely that anyone enters draft day planning to take running backs with his or her first three picks, but if the value is there and presented for you, it's most likely the smartest play you can make.

Even if you don't plan on starting all three, by drafting for value you add assets to your roster that can be used in trades down the road or that could even come in handy should one of your top guys go down unexpectedly.

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